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Undoubtedly we have all been touched by stories of the ravages of diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, obesity, etc., particularly in the recent years, when we see these serious diseases strike down or families, colleagues, friends in their mid-thirties! These diseases do not discriminate – they attack both young and old, men and women. The victims are our family, friends, co-workers and community members, some of who outwardly appear to be pictures of health.

Despite the serious consequencesof these diseases, these diseases are also, largely preempt-able. We at The PreDisease Forum believe it is time to call out PreDisease and Pre-Emption even before disease sets in and take a stand. We have had enough! We have lost valuable time already and have a significant majority of our contemporaries already in various stages of rapidly progressing disease states and many of them are in their teens!

For this reason, we have made it our mission to nip-disease-in-the-bud, even before it sets in.

We appeal to you to help us increase awareness by sharing the way in which lifestyle-related chronic disease has touched your life.

We would like to include some of these stories in our blog. E-mail your story (no attachments, please) to

We would love to have your name, but you may also remain anonymous if you prefer..Please note that not all stories will be published in their entirety. The PreDisease Foundation reserves the right to use excerpts.