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Our Global Leaders

A coming together of ideas, evidence, experience and passions…. the sum of which, is worth sharing. Our great thanks to our Key Opinion Leaders from around the world who generously contribute their time and thoughts for advancing the science of pre-disease management.

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pre disease facts

Did you know?

  • 79 million Americans have Pre-Diabetes?
  • UAE spends >40% of its healthcare budget on Diabetes?
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Our Research

We rely on data from objective and systematic clinical research programs on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).We commission clinical and epidemiological research in the pre-disease states of NCDs, and these are large and meaningful research programs targeting the at-risk population with pre-disease.

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Is Pre Disease an opportunity?

PreDisease puts you at a cross road where you have make a critical choice. It's your only opportunity to steer towards pre-emption and reclaim health or go the other way.

Good News: Now you can preclude, pretreat and preempt chronic disease.

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Common Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs)