Today’s Lifestyle is a Disease in Itself.

Lifestyle coupled with genetic predisposition to cardio-metabolic diseases is a perfect storm for the people, the healthcare systems and governments of this region.

Staggering statistics of the region:

  • UAE has the second highest prevalence of Diabetes in the World
  • Saudi Arabia has the highest prevalence of Obesity in the World
  • India has the highest number of Diabetes patients in the World
  • 40% of all the population above 60 years have Diabetes in UAE
  • GCC group of countries have the highest prevalence of Diabetes and Obesity
  • 40% of UAE’s healthcare budget is gobbled up in Diabetes relates costs
  • Diabetes is responsible for 75% of all deaths in the UAE
  • The UAE will spend AE 3 Billion for Diabetes in 2011
  • Heart disease is the #1 killer of the region’s people

On one hand in the MESA countries, we have fantastic, but costly, drugs and medical interventions to treat disease and its complications after disease has set in. But, on the other, we seem to have lost sight of every day fundamentals of healthy living, including nutrition, nutraceuticals, physical activity and stress management, which could pre-empt disease from developing in the first place.

The result is the financial and social burden, the magnitude of which, no one really knows.

What we know is that it’s staggering and unsustainable and now our governments are waking up to the crisis.

The Pre Disease Forum Launch with MESA Initiative

The Forum’s first meeting on the sidelines of the world’s largest Diabetes gathering, IDF (International Diabetes Federation), and in the UAE, which has the highest prevalence of Diabetes, will launch its MESA Initiative (Middle East/South Asia).

The PreDisease Forum and its MESA Initiative will launch over two days of meetings between the founding members and end with a panel discussion and dinner event, open to media and guests on December 6th evening in Dubai.
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The people of MESA have common roots and are connected genetically, culturally, “diet-rally,” and now even socio-economically, with the MESA region’s rapid economic boom, bringing with it the perils of lifestyle-related chronic disease.