PreDisease – The Opportunity

The Medical Board of The PreDisease Forum believes that good medicine should begin with the premise that the body self-heals if given the proper tools. The body constantly strives for homeostasis, which is probably best described as a natural state of dynamic equilibrium. Disease occurs when that equilibrium is disrupted.

As physicians, we see this every day in practice. Most of our patients know when they’re losing that balance. This place is best described as the “PreDisease” state. Today, clinical medicine has clearly defined biomarkers or blood levels that clearly define the PreDisease state. So, it’s easy for us to diagnose PreDisease.

The Good News is that it’s not too late. The PreDisease state offers us the window of opportunity to reverse disease and get back to homeostasis.

The PreDisease Forum’s mission is to preach pro-activism. Status quo is not acceptable. We will examine effective and sustainable solutions like nutritional and lifestyle interventions to pre-empt disease